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Response Time – Babysitting is a thing of the past

Nike, Inc.:
This is one of the areas that I see the biggest improvement from our last vendor and is really saving my sanity and relationships with our partner accounts! When I put in a request for a repair, I receive an almost immediate response that my request has been received. The tech visits are timely and I receive reports back very quickly. The partner accounts have been pleased with the technicians that have been on site, and I feel such relief to know that I can submit a request and it will be taken care of without me babysitting the process.

25% Savings – You can’t beat that

Nike, Inc.:
We are saving money after switching our business to NM&C. The average savings per job is around 25%. Not only are we seeing savings with labor costs for our service calls, but we are also saving money with the materials costs both because the prices are lower than our last supplier and because we are able to buy direct through NM&C and not work with a separate vendor that has shipping charges. In addition, because NM&C can perform general maintenance, we are also saving costs by not having to send out two different vendors to address general repairs and electrical repairs.

Management Team – Incredibly helpful

Nike, Inc.:
I have really appreciated that I have multiple points of contact that I can reach out to at NM&C. The frequent check-ins by the team members that are working on our account is really helpful. When I asked your team to create a tracking report that would reflect all of our projects and the status of each that I could review each week, you got right on the challenge and customized it to fit my needs. This is incredibly helpful!

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I have been very pleased with my experience working with NM&C. Your responses are timely and professional, and I know that as soon as I submit my request that it will be handled. I receive frequent communication on the status of projects and the billing is also handled quickly. The very few times that I have had a question about a project, your account team has handled it quickly and kept me in the loop on the progress. It has been a huge relief for me to not have to babysit the projects or be concerned that I am being charged incorrectly. I look forward to continuing to work with NM&C!

Brooke Booher
Project Specialist North America Retail Brand – Operations
Nike USA