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Jyl R. Moore

R+L Carriers has worked with National Maintenance & Construction Inc. on many different projects over the years. These projects have ranged from complete renovations of our properties to simple bollard replacement. I believe one of the most important criteria in selecting a general contractor or facilities maintenance company is, “Do you trust them?”. In every project I’ve conducted with NM&C, I cannot think of one time I thought NM&C was making a decision that was in their best interest instead of ours. EVERY bid received from their company was significantly lower quoted. NM&C has saved our company THOUSANDS of dollars over the years, while at the same time performing quality work! Secondly, they are prompt and assertive while providing the best quality and professionalism. I’ve never had to ask twice or second guess their work performance. Any question I presented, was answer with confidence and accuracy; that in itself is so reassuring! Without a doubt, NM&C has proven to me to be a quality company run by quality people. I HIGHLY recommend NM&C on the basis of knowledge, honesty and integrity, as you will not find a better company and you will not be disappointed!